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Chris Rogers


Glen McNeil

Design and Engineering

Marco de Santos

Implementation engineering

Alan Wu

Quality engineering

Andy Liu

Customer relations

Arthur Tideman


Company History

In 2008 Chris Rogers and Wayne Stevens co-founded FabSmart Company Limited (FSL) a Macau and Thailand based boutique development company.

The FSL focus is to design, develop and deploy gaming equipment, which is outside the normal spectrum of gaming operations.

FSL has an established reputation and is associated with the award-winning Fast Action Baccarat and the “Fast Action Series” tables developed and supported with Sands China Macau.

FSL has built a reputation as a true innovation company.

Developed by two industry veterans, whose experience covers over 30 years of gaming sales, casino operations, design and development.

The business has been run for the past 10 years as predominately an exclusive supplier to LVS, from Concept to manufacture, installation and service but will soon be delivering newly developed products and technologies to supply to the global market

FSL is aligned with proven technologies, products and people and is well positioned to develop or co-develop opportunities for sales, participation and distribution throughout the world.

Let innovation drive growth.

Faster implementation of new technology drives growth, while staying behind ensures obsolescence. It is our strong conviction that the gaming industry is currently undergoing its fastest change in its history. Online, blockchain and innovative new forms of entertainment are important parts of the future. New materials help organizations to save resources and pave the road towards becoming a sustainable enterprise. As a front runner in this changing environment we help our clients see the opportunities and capture the momentum. Step into the future and let us assist to drive your growth and profitability.

Why Choose Us

Best Industry Insights

With one foot in technology and the other firmly in the gaming industry, we can give you the best insights for driving change in your business.

Proven profitability

With our award winning implementation the record is in. Our devices have been the most profitable implementations on gaming floors for over a decade.

Installed base

Our team will take part as an extension of your organization. Both on your gaming floor and in the manufacturing environment. We record improvements on site, do the research and implement in production.

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