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Chris Rogers


Bigger, Faster, More Profitable

Chris Rogers founded FABSMART with partner Wayne Stevens in 2008 with the aim of transforming the gaming industry through superior design and the use of latest technology,

As a seasoned CEO and founder of 113 East a Macau based gaming distribution and consulting company founded in 2007 and a founder of Transcity Asia a technical services company established in 2009 and recently acquired by Suzo Happ . Chris has 15 years gaming experience and currently resides in Macau.

Work Process


Our design team is geared to incorporate latest technology in its designs, for any customer specific demands or innovative solutions.


Engineers versed in mechanical and electronic designs. With our installed teams on the gaming floor we ensure lowest down-time.


Working with high end furniture manufacturers and our own assembly hub guarantee each part is touched by our staff always.

What We Want To Build For You

Our aim is to make your hospitality and gaming environment into an environment people feel excited about, where they can engage in entertaining games unique to the market and where they feel comfortable enough to come back frequently.

Fast Action Baccarat

History of Fast Action Baccarat (FAB)

Las Vegas Sands had an idea for a new game and thru persistence, innovation and hard work Las Vegas Sands signed Fabsmart to develop Fast Action Baccarat.  From this development, Las Vegas Sands entered into an exclusive contract with Fabsmart that would last for over 5 years.

Over those 5 years Fabsmart was involved in many projects with the late Wayne Stevens, heading up many innovations in and around operations beyond FAB.

Fast Action products deployed and successfully operated in Macau include:

  1. Fast Action Baccarat: Standard 28 stations
  2. Mini Fast Action Baccarat:  4-8 standing positions
  3. Mini Fast Action Sic Bo:  4-8 standing positions

In 2016, Las Vegas Sands awarded Fabsmart the annual Innovation award and the annual Las Vegas Sands supplier gala dinner.

Fast Action Baccarat went on to win an industry award for innovation and best new product. This award was presented to Las Vegas Sands.

FSL continues to work with Sands Group to this day.  The partnership now over a decade, is moving into a new phase, with a revised and fully upgraded Fast Action Baccarat Product soon to be released along with a range of other Fast Action elements called the Fast Action Stevens Series, which will be known as Fast Action SS.

The concept design of FAST ACTION

The Original Fast Action Baccarat

28 stations bringing Baccarat to the masses in the most expensive Baccarat market in the world. Players bet and play the game exactly the same way as a traditional table only, 28 players can play at the same time and bets are cleared in seconds.
FAST ACTION Baccarat operates on a proprietary system that has been developed to receive results from the result generator, being a smart shoe or dice shaker. The system has fully customizable sound effects and diagnostic features and can be remotely serviced from another country.

Fabsmart was the first to use infrared sensors on a gaming table to be utilized for game protection.

Games where this system could be deployed include but not limited to, Craps – Roulette – Sicbo – Baccarat.

FS Past Post Protectors provide modular systems utilizing both infrared and physical screen for areas of high risk on table games.  These devices will indicate to the dealer, pit manager and surveillance, when a player tries to place a bet or remove chips outside of the official game time.

This product will help protect operators from loss while at the same time improve the game speed of the table.

The IP around the FS PAST POST PROTECTORS is 100% owned by FSL.

Slot Bases

Modularity for maximum flexibility and easy maintenance in any scenario

Our versatile modular bases fit on any gaming floor and can be finished for high stakes or mass market environments. Easy to assemble, maintain and with our special engineered access panels operations and installation has never been easier.

From mass market to high stakes gaming.

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