Location-based VR: A New Frontier for Gaming Operators

Virtual reality (VR) is not a new concept, but it has gained a lot of traction in recent years thanks to the advances in hardware and software. VR headsets, controllers, and sensors have become more affordable, accessible, and immersive, creating a realistic and engaging experience for users.

One of the emerging trends in VR is location-based VR (LBVR), which refers to VR experiences that are offered in a specific physical location, such as a mall, arcade, or theme park. LBVR allows users to enjoy VR without having to invest in expensive equipment or set up a dedicated space at home. LBVR also enables social interaction and collaboration among users, as they can share the same virtual environment and interact with each other.

LBVR has a lot of potential for gaming operators, as it can provide new and exciting ways to attract and retain customers. LBVR can offer unique and exclusive content that is not available elsewhere, such as live events and VR gaming operations. These are some of the examples of how LBVR can leverage immersive technology to stream large live events and in VR gaming operations:

  • E-sports: E-sports is a form of competitive gaming that involves professional players and teams competing in various video games. E-sports has become a popular and lucrative industry, with millions of fans watching online or attending live events. LBVR can offer e-sports fans a more immersive and interactive way to watch their favorite games and players, as they can feel like they are part of the action and even participate in the game themselves.
  • Drone racing: Drone racing is a sport that involves pilots flying drones through a series of obstacles at high speeds. Drone racing is usually broadcasted online or on TV, but LBVR can offer a more thrilling and realistic experience for viewers and racers alike. LBVR can allow viewers to see the race from the perspective of the drones, as well as control their own drones in a virtual race track. Racers can also benefit from LBVR, as they can practice and improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Live performances: Live performances are events that involve artists performing music, comedy, theater, or other forms of entertainment in front of an audience. Live performances are usually held in venues such as concert halls, theaters, or stadiums, but LBVR can offer a more accessible and immersive way to enjoy them. LBVR can allow viewers to watch live performances from anywhere in the world, as well as choose their preferred angle, distance, and perspective. Viewers can also interact with the performers and other viewers in real time, creating a more social and engaging experience.
  • Sports: Sports are physical activities that involve competition, skill, and strategy. Sports are usually played or watched in stadiums, arenas, or fields, but LBVR can offer a more fun and interactive way to enjoy them. LBVR can allow viewers to watch sports from different angles and perspectives, as well as join the game themselves. Viewers can also interact with the players and other viewers in real time, creating a more dynamic and collaborative experience.

LBVR is a new frontier for gaming operators, as it can offer innovative and immersive experiences that are not possible elsewhere. LBVR can create new revenue streams and customer loyalty for gaming operators, as well as enhance the entertainment value and satisfaction for users. LBVR is the future of VR, and gaming operators should not miss this opportunity to tap into this growing market.

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